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Better Teen Sleep! One Habit To Focus On And 5 Tips To Increase Success!

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ONE HABIT that you can do to help your teen get more sleep.


As a parent it is hard to know what to focus on to start the positive change in your teen’s sleep. Starting too many changes can lead to nothing working.


Start with a set bedtime!


Focusing on a set bedtime and then creating a sleep opportunity of 9 to 10 hours is the most important habit to focus on. Everything else, every other change, should support this one habit.


Create a set bedtime! All other behaviors and habits should help protect this one habit. This bedtime will likely be later than you, the parent, due to the shift in circadian rhythm of teens.


Circadian Rhythm Of Teens


Have you ever fallen asleep only to be awoken by a noise in the kitchen? You check your phone and its midnight. Your teen is making a sandwich! Sound familiar?


In childhood, our circadian rhythm kickstarts an early release of melatonin creating an ‘early to bed, early to rise’ sleep cycle. As we move into adolescence our circadian rhythm shifts to a ‘night owl’, delaying the release of melatonin much later than that of our parents. The bedtime of a teen will be later than most of their parents, and that is ok. It's part of the teenage biology!


Setting a reasonable bedtime is something you should include with your teenager. Bring them into the conversation and come up with a time that everyone agrees with. Your bedtime will need to include 9 to 10 hours of sleep. The wake-up time of your teen will help dictate what then is a reasonable bedtime.


Include your teen in the conversation of creating a set bedtime.


Once you have an agreed upon set bedtime this is an agreement that should be protected throughout the week as well as the weekend.


Next, read on for some tips from parents and medicine to help you and your teen succeed!


Remember to give you and your teen a lot of grace during this process. This change will not happen overnight!






Supporting habits of the ONE HABIT


Screen Time

Blue light filtering glasses

Reduced screen time


Supplements and Caffeine

Melatonin and Lavender have been shown to assist in kicking off the initial sleep cycle.

Caffeine suppresses the Adenosine receptors and reduces our sleep drive temporarily making it harder to fall asleep.

Caffeine stays in our system a long time.

A question we should ask ourselves is this; should our teenagers be on caffeine?



Hot shower or bath before

Room temperature


Sleep Preparation

Journal before bed

Downtime prior to bedtime. Example, our son drumming

Breathing – focused breathing, nasal

Homework done well in advance


Wake-up Routine

Prep the night before, showering, clothes picked

What is the latest your teen can sleep in and still make it to school?




Quality of sleep

Get tested

Snoring is a sign of sleep apnea


Behavioral Counseling for insomnia


DON’T tape your mouth shut. Check with your pediatrician.


Better Teen Sleep! One Habit To Focus On And 5 Tips To Increase Success!