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For the last decade CornerStone Physical Therapy has been giving hope. Our vision to treat our clients like we would want to be treated, to provide care we would want for ourselves, to work together as a team, to empower through educating our clients and each other, these have been the foundation for our practice since our beginning in 2004. CornerStone Physical Therapy started through the vision of Joel and Kristin Rauser and has grown to include a team of dedicated professionals. We are constantly improving and utilizing new technologies and treatments to meet the needs of our clients. This has included pioneering diagnostic ultrasound in Physical Therapy as well as other innovations that make us unique. Caring is what we do. It is our passion.

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Our process is unique. We have found that through caring and teamwork difficult problems can be solved.

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Knee osteoarthritis; narcotics or physical therapy?

"Docs prefer pills for OA" is the title of an article. While it gets our attention there is a trend to underutilize physical therapy and lifestyle changes while narcotic use is increasing. This post looks at assessment tools for knee pain and knee osteoarthritis. Dry needling of the knee for pain and swelling as well as diagnostic ultrasound for assessing the knee for swelling and bone spurs is also discussed.

Runner's Knee. What you should know and how you can treat it.

Runner's Knee can come on slowly and may not be associated with an injury. Knee pain can stop you from training. The pain can get so bad it hurts to walk. Treatments can be helpful but might be temporary. This post helps you understand Runner's Knee and what is the best way to evaluate and treat this condition.

#stepoutside Improve your productivity by taking a nature break.

Our executive functions, ability to make decisions, is affected from the many distractions with our technology enhanced, fast paced world we work and live in. Constantly being interrupted and switching our brains from one task to another comes at a cost. Anxiety and depression are common with a lack of margin. Here is a simple idea to improve your energy, mood, productivity and creativity each day. #stepoutside

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