jayce-hopeshirt Jayce's Story

Please join us in following this young man's incredible story.

sean Sean's Story

Nobody knew what was causing the headache Sean was strugling from. Watch his story.

matt Matt's Story

Matt is a sportsman with great future. Watch his story.

asha Asha's Story

Asha had a locked jaw caused by an infection. Watch her story.

bill Bill's Story

Bill was struggling with vertigo, and needed help. 

csjan Jan's Story
csdonna Donna's Story
csnancy Nancy's Story

asha Asha's Story

Asha means hope. This was a great connection to CornerStone's vision and our story. Asha had reached a point of limited function due to a jaw problem. She could not eat, drink from her water bottle, and had difficulty with speaking. Through specialty care with manual therapy there was an immediate improvement. Asha had hope. Thank you Asha, for sharing your story with us!

sean Sean's Story

Sean suffered from headaches as a high school student. From missed school days to increased headache pain during exams and studying, this was a difficult time. Medication was not a successful in treating his pain. Since a combined effort with his family physician and Physical Therapy Sean has improved headache pain. They will only occur at times of stress and are rare. Physical Therapy can be a non-medication approach to resolving headache pain. Good luck in college Sean!