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CornerStone Team

Cornerstone Physical Therapy was started over 10 years ago by Joel and Kristin Rauser. Their vision was to create a clinic that offered specialty services to the people of Colorado in a warm and caring setting. The standard of practice that was chosen was a treatment approach that Physical Therapists would demand for themselves. Because of this high expectation Cornerstone is a manual therapy, hands-on based practice. There are many forms of treatment modalities possible when attending Physical Therapy, we use the ones that work and work quickly. Out of this passion our vision came together.

Hope was added as we began to hear this word used by our patients. Hope that their problem that had been previously treated unsuccessfully could be corrected. Hope of a return to pain free function and a lifestyle long left behind. It was our vision being acted out that our patients came to confirm in their own words.

Meet The Cornerstone Team!

Our First Impressions Team

One of the best parts of Cornerstone is walking in the front door and seeing the smiling faces that greet you. You feel like you are family.

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Physical Therapist, manual therapy, vestibular and balance.

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Dr. Jono Brown

Physical Therapist, sports injuries, shoulder and back pain, manual therapy and dry needling.

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Physical Therapist, manual therapy, dry needling, headache, TMJ and complex spinal injuries.

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Meridith Norwood


Physical Therapist, manual therapy and dry needling, exercise coaching and nutrition. 

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Kristin Rauser


Our hospitality director, planning committee, as well as decorator, and many other aspects of Cornerstone.

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Joel Rauser


Physical Therapist, Owner Cornerstone Physical Therapy, headaches, TMJ, vision, vestibular, manual therapy and dry needling.

While Joel is no longer treating clients the Cornerstone Team continues to care and succeed through their collaborative approach.

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“Cornerstone Physical Therapy, a leader for excellence, creating HOPE. Cornerstone will be recognized for the passion of its people and practitioners in providing quality, Christ centered, innovative care to the patient’s we serve in our community. Our strength is our unique, specialized, manual therapy approach and our one to one treatment in a caring and warm setting. We will continue to lead through education, research, mentoring and teaching. Our passion for what we do will be noticed in our clinic as well as in the community.”

The Cornerstone Team Approach

One of the most important values at CornerStone Physical Therapy is how we work together as a team. We believe that utilizing the strengths of each team member is the best possible way to approach each problem. This approach not only allows us treat problems that have failed previous attempts at treatment but to speed up recovery from injury. Through combining our strengths and working together, problems that were previously difficult to treat, there is now hope.

A Note About Physical Therapy

Physical therapists receive 6-7 years of academic training for treating musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Current PT programs offer a doctorate degree in physical therapy. Once they earn their degree, Physical Therapists are required to be licensed in the State that they practice.

Physical Therapists are experts in "the science of healing and the art of caring." They provide services that help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities. Physical Therapists treat people of all ages who have medical issues that limit their ability to move and perform functional activities (sitting, standing, walking, running) or activities of daily living (dressing, bathing, cleaning a home, driving).

Physical Therapists are used for conservative management of a wide variety of conditions. Patients are sent to physical therapy to either aide in improving a condition or to avoid a surgical procedure. We utilize a "hands on" approach that promotes the ability to move, reduces pain, restores function and prevents disability.

Therapists examine the patients' medical history, test and measure strength, range of motion, balance and coordination, posture, muscle performance, respiration and motor function. They can order tests specific to assisting in developing their treatment plan, such as neck x-rays for neck pain or headaches. Physical Therapists establish a treatment plan and strategy with specific anticipated outcomes taking the patient's own goals into consideration.


Freedom of Choice

It is important to note that physical therapy can only be provided by a qualified physical therapist, or a physical therapist assistant working under the supervision of a physical therapist. When choosing a Physical Therapist, you have the freedom to choose your own physical therapist. In Colorado, you have access to Physical Therapy without seeing your physician (Direct Access). You can always check with your insurance carrier to make sure they are in-network and a referral from a physician is not necessary.


Mobility keeps you engaged with life. Restoration of lost function is the key to getting back into the game. We are professionals dedicated to your recovery.