What are you passionate about? What do you love?


As I am writing this post I am sitting on a ridge looking at the collegiate peaks as the sun sets. Beautiful drive, some really good biking, dinner from a local restaurant, grinding my coffee while boiling water and watching the sun set. Now, back to work!




I hope you can imagine the peace I felt while watching a sunset over the Colorado Rockies. I took time to watch it dip behind the peaks then pull out my computer. Rob Gandley, VP of Marketing and Sales for SEOSamba and and entrepreneur of many other ventures, shares what he thinks work will look like and probably should look like in the future. Check out his video...



My challenge to you is this. Life is short. Live it well. (Switchfoot the band) How can you integrate the things you love with the responsibilities that you have and incorporate different parts of work throughout your day and week? I believe we over-complicate things. This past week my wife and I hosted a celebration of 'shelter in place' orders lifting with our neighbors by having a fire on our driveway with physical distancing, wine, whiskey and friends. Everyone brought a glass and a chair. It was no more work than if I had been by myself. One small decision, one small step, and then another, and before you know it you have started living an 'integrated life'.





One final recommendation... take a Sabbath. Take one day each week that you do not work. Use this day to fill your 'emotional and spiritual tank'. 


Now, I get to send this off to my colleagues of BETTER and crawl into my Jeep. Night!