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Breathe! The most important thing to do when you are anxious.




The most important activity is to learn how to breathe.  We commonly breathe with our shoulders, raising our upper chest.  This manner of breathing uses our neck and throat muscles and comes at a cost.  It requires more energy to breathe, burning more fuel to raise your chest.  Tension is increased in the neck and back.  


We all breathe with our diaphragm. Using your diaphragm more efficiently, and relaxing your abdomen and back, uses less energy and reduces overall tension.


Breathing efficiently is a habit we link with managing our feelings of anxiety, worry or distress.





This is an activity that helps create awareness to your surroundings.  It is also a great way to change your focus, away from your emotions.





Relaxation activity to reduce tension, relax muscles, and relieve pain!



Release muscle tension and reduce pain


Your physical state can affect your emotions.  Taking the time to relax and focus on reducing tension in your body can be an effective way in reducing your anxiety but also help manage pain. 


The focus of breathing is a part of this activity.  Breathe through the nose and limit chest and shoulder movement during your breath.  Starting with your focus on your breath is a great place to start with a body scan.


Release Muscle Tension Through A Body Scan Exercise





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Breathe! The most important thing to do when you are anxious.