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Convergence Insufficiency Eye Exercises, Replace Your Brock String


Here is a progression of eye exercises that can be done to help improve eye control and convergence. These are easy to do and can be done in place of a Brock String.





Start by putting a small dot on each thumbnail 1 to 2 mm thick. The tip of a regular Sharpie will give you the dot size you need. 






Holding you thumb in front of you focus on the dot. Keeping it clear slowly move your thumb towards the bridge of your nose. When the dot becomes fuzzy or even double this is the limit of your convergence. You want to get 3 inches from your nose for normal convergence or inward gaze.


Repeat inward and outward, adding a hold of 3 seconds to maintain your focus on the dot. 1 minute with a break then repeat for another minute.


You can increase the degree of difficulty by holding your gaze and turning your head side to side and up and down.






Working on control of focusing near and then far is a common function we do every day. We focus up close then look further out. This exercise works by focusing on the near thumb dot, then quickly focusing on your thumb with your arm outstretched, and back. Make sure that the dot is clear before switching back to the other thumb.


Repeat this back and forth for 20 to 30 repetitions. You can take a break and repeat.






This exercise is great for working on stretching your eye muscles. Eye strain and even eye muscle pain or pain around and behind the eyes can be from ocular muscle trigger points. This exercise helps lengthen eye muscles.


Cover one eye while focusing the other on the thumb dot. Move your thumb in different ranges of motion while keeping it clear. If it gets out of focus you are no longer focusing the dot on the fovea, our acuity center of our retina. 


Use you hand to hold your head steady.  Work into ranges of movement that are hard and cause your eyes to feel like they are being stretched or worked. Do this for 1 minute, rest and then repeat for another minute.






Keep your arm out while focusing on the thumb dot. Move your arm side to side, up and down, and obliquely. Slowly move your head side to side, up and down, as well as obliquely at an angle opposite to your arm movement. Your arm will move through less motion when you add head motion. Do this 10 to 20 times for each direction.


You can increase the complexity of this exercise by adding standing balance exercises. Feet together, tandem standing, and even standing on a cushion while tracking the dot on your thumb as you move your arm.


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Convergence Insufficiency Eye Exercises, Replace Your Brock String