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Hamstrings Strain? Shockwave is more effective than PT and exercise to get back in the game!


Shockwave Therapy Gets Athletes With Hamstring Tendinopathy/Sprain Back In The Game


Chronic hamstring injuries are the bane of many athletes. That persistent pain and tightness just doesn't seem to go away no matter how much rest, ice, or physical therapy you try. But new research shows there is hope - shockwave therapy can get athletes with hamstring tendinopathy (Pulled Hamstrings) back to sport faster and more successfully than traditional conservative treatments.


In a randomized trial of athletes with proximal hamstring tendinopathy, those treated with shockwave therapy had much higher rates of return to sport after 12 months compared to athletes undergoing typical conservative care.


Key Results


·    80% of athletes who received shockwave therapy returned to their pre-injury level of sport participation

·    The average time to return to sport was only 9 weeks after completing shockwave treatment

·    In contrast, 0% of athletes treated conservatively were able to get back to playing their sport


Clearly, shockwave therapy offers a significant advantage for injured athletes over traditional rehab-focused treatments.


How Shockwave Works


Shockwave treatment delivers strong acoustic pulses to the injured tendon area. This stimulates regeneration and repair of damaged tendon tissue. Treatments are usually done once per week for 3-5 weeks.


The procedure is non-invasive and does not require any downtime. Normal activity and sport can be resumed shortly after each session as tolerated.


Don't Suffer Through A Hamstrings Strain Any Longer!


If a hamstring strain or pull has sidelined you for months, it may be time to consider shockwave therapy. This cutting-edge modality delivers better outcomes than conservative care when it comes to reducing pain, restoring function, and getting athletes back on the field of play.


Talk to your doctor or physical therapist about whether shockwave is appropriate for your injury. Bring the results of this study with you.


Shockwave therapy could help you beat a stubborn hamstring injury once and for all!


For more on shockwave check out this link!

Hamstrings Strain? Shockwave is more effective than PT and exercise to get back in the game!