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How to do a self test for headache pain

Headache pain that is more one sided or starts at the base of your skull is more likely to start in your neck. Self assessment and clinical testing from your physician or physical therapist should include testing of your neck.

The question we need to ask is, do we know where the headache pain is coming from? Pain starting in the base of the skull typically has an origin from the neck. A self-screening tool is to place your thumb behind the ear bone and push in gently but firmly. While holding this pressure if you start to have pain into the head or face this is called referred pain and your neck may be the cause.

Check out this video on testing for the neck and how this relates to headache pain.


Having something you can do for a loved one or for yourself when headache pain gets bad is a request we get a lot. This link connects you to information to help target some of the common areas that cause headache pain.

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How to do a self test for headache pain