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How to manipulate the lower back


Clinical Prediction Rule (CPR) For Low Back Pain

(OR Treat your back pain)


You thought CPR was something for your heart didn’t you? Well, it is but it also stands for a Clinical Prediction Rule. What this means is that when looking at good clinical studies on treating back pain there was a predictable rule that when followed had a high likelihood of success, both in the immediate as well as months later. Here’s what to look for:


  • Back pain no longer than 2 weeks or 13 days
  • Pain that does not go below the knee
  • A loss of hip inward or internal rotation


There were others as well but these three in clinical practice are the most valuable. If you have these three conditions then manipulate. Here is a video showing you a common manipulation that is very safe to do.



Check this video out



Remember if it is too painful then stop. Pain should be your guide. If you continue to have issues seek medical attention, through your Physical Therapist or chiropractor. There are family practice doctors that have a manipulation background as well. This information is to assist with ongoing care with a medical practitioner and is not designed to replace professional care. Lets take a lesson from our Canadian brethren to the north and be responsible for our actions.


If you have questions please reach out to our team at We are here to help.





  • The best thing to do is to get walking. Walking is a very gentle and functional way to get muscles working and to restore blood flow to tight areas.


  • Try sleeping on a firmer surface if you have an unstable sacroiliac joint. You can also try an SI Belt to see if this makes you feel better.


  • Sleeping on your side put a pillow between your legs. Relax the Back has a great wedge for this. If you sleep on your back you put a pillow under your knees.

Dry Needling can be an effective way to reduce muscle pain and tension. Doing this before a back manipulation can help as well.

How to manipulate the lower back