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Meet the Board of Directors of BETTER



Jim Yohanan MD ENT


Dr. Yohanan has decades of experience as an ENT. Fellowship trained through the Mayo Clinic Jim continues to travel the world learning more about the world of otolaryngology. He is an avid mountain biker, skier, fly fisherman, etc. A true Coloradan, not by birth but definitely by heart.


Jonathan Brown DPT DSc


Dr. Brown has just finished the work for his second doctorate in manual medicine with an emphasis on cervicogenic headaches. When Jono isn’t saving the world from chronic pain and headaches he is enjoying his two beautiful daughters with his wife Alyson.


Joshua Watt OD


Dr. Watt has been pioneering the world of vision therapy in children and adults through his business of Impact Vision Therapy. Josh has an incredible thirst to learn and is always incorporating new practices of vision therapy. He is quite busy with his 6 kids and two practice locations but still has the time to share his expertise with BETTER.


Robert Vogt MD


Dr. Vogt was a rocket scientist before he was a family medicine physician. A graduate of the Air Force Academy, retired as a Colonel after commanding a medical hospital, growing his business, The Family Practice, Rob still has time to hang out with his kids and grandkids. He is an avid hunter and fisherman, and just a guy you need to know.


Colleen Jensen DDS


Dr. Jensen is an incredibly talented dentist that has a very eclectic approach to treating complex pain and jaw problems. Because of her breadth of knowledge, she is able to find a way through complex problems. Colleen is one of the kindest and collaborative practitioners you will ever meet. Colleen and her husband run their dental practice together in Colorado Springs.


All of these practitioners have a desire learn as well as engage with other health professions to work together to make medicine BETTER


Meet the Board of Directors of BETTER