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Stretches for your back, better posture


Computer or IT professionals, physicians, dental hygienists, chiropractors, physical therapists all have similar issues when it comes to posture. If you do any usual work on a computer you are at risk of a hunched back, stiffness to your spine, rounded shoulders and a forward head posture. Joel, Physical Therapist, and Jerod, Master Trainer, share their top postural stretches that they do to work on their own posture. These stretches can be done anywhere and for a few minutes at a time.






This is a common stretch that is focusing on the Latissimus Dorsi. Turning your hands upward will put more tension on the latissimus as you do this pose. Counter tops or a pole can help you try different hand positions to change the stretch to your shoulders and back.




A common yoga pose is modified by adding pressure through your hands into the floor while you move your hips in the opposite direction. Resist for 5 to 6 seconds then relax and move deeper into the stretch. BREATHE




Another great stretch is shown by Jerod with assistance added with cuing to the thoracic spine by Joel. You can have your friend or spouse assist this stretch and give a very therapeutic targeted stretch to the stiffer parts of your spine. Resist for 5 to 6 seconds then relax and go deeper into the stretch. Turning your head as you turn your body.




Using two dowels, PVC pipes or broom sticks you can combine some of the above stretches into one very effective stretching exercise. It is worth trying as you explore different arm positions to stretch different areas.


Stretches for your back, better posture