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Testing Testosterone

Testing for Testosterone


A few years ago I was tested for low testosterone because of how I was feeling. I had less energy and had some difficulty focusing. I learned that there were two parts to testing testosterone, the total amount and the free testosterone. Free testosterone is the testosterone you have available or what is considered bioavailable while total testosterone is your total serum count. Most testosterone is bound to sex hormone-binding globulin.  Mayo Clinic Testosterone Testing


Testing for testosterone is recommended through your family physician or a center specializing in treating hormones.


Is a prescription needed to test your testosterone?



You can have this test done without a prescription at centers such as ‘Any Lab Test Now’ but you will be paying cash for this service. Having your medical team involved helps determine a plan of care based on testing as well as other clinical findings and history. I have found that getting a test done on my own has been more for curiosity and speed of testing, and to save some money. Make sure to connect with your medical team on how to manage low testosterone. 

Questions to Ask


Are there any risks with Hormone Replacement Therapy?


Is there any regular testing that needs to be done during treatment?


What does success look like for you?


Remember to set goals for treatment. My goals were to change my focusing and energy. Turns out I was lacking Vitamin D and in the end this did the trick and not the testosterone. Setting personal goals of success for treatment can help determine if a treatment is solving your problem.

Testing Testosterone