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Vision Exercises, convergence and divergence


Grocery stores and driving making you uncomfortable? You may have an eye coordination problem or convergence insufficiency.


Dizziness or even a level of discomfort in grocery stores and with driving is usually related to a vision coordination problem that is very common after a whiplash, head injury, post-concussion, but can be present without a past trauma. Common symptoms are eye fatigue, dizziness, headache, eye pain and strain, and an avoidance of the cereal aisle in a grocery store. It feels like you have too much visual stimulation. A simple exercise we call ‘string sliding’ helps improve your eye control by improving your convergence and divergence.





Focusing smoothly along the string from the door attachment of the string to as close as you can see while keeping the crossing point of the two string images clear.


Hold on the inward position for 3 seconds then slowly slide your eyes outward.


Repeat this 10 times or for a minute. Take a break and then try again.




Turn your head slightly and try to focus up and down the string. One side may be much more difficult while the other side easier. 


Your goal is to focus along the string as smoothly as you can without 'jumping' from point to point.



Vision Exercises, convergence and divergence