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Posterior Canal Positional Vertigo Treatment - Epley

Your Dix Hallpike test showed greater upward beating nystagmus and caused the greatest vertigo on one side. This is the side you treat and start the Epley maneuver on. You can continue from the testing position and complete an Epley maneuver. This video shows the Epley maneuver from Fauquier ENT.

Tips for successful treatment


  • Hold each position for 45 seconds or until vertigo subsides.
  • Keep your head still with each position.
  • Quickly turn your head for each position. Too slow and it will cause the crystal to fall back into the canal.
  • You know you are better if you get an immediate relief of your vertigo.


After the Epley maneuver


For the next 2 nights sleep with your head elevated. You can do this by stacking pillows. If you have an adjustable bed elevate it. A wedge pillow can be of great use as well. You can also sleep in a recliner.


If your vertigo returns after it is clear repeat the Epley maneuver.


What do I do if it doesn’t work?


If after two tries and your vertigo is not getting better then imaging to determine if you have positional vertigo and what canal is recommended.

Here is information to check out for the best way to test for vertigo.

Posterior Canal Positional Vertigo Treatment - Epley