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Total Body Workout At Home, Part 1


Over the years I have asked my colleague and friend Jerod to assist me and our clients of Cornerstone with appropriate exercises. Here is a workout routine that he has put together for us to work our entire body. He breaks this routine up into categories.


Movement prep or warm up, core, plyometrics, resistance, and cool down.


Jerod breaks down a good comprehensive workout program that we can work through.






Gentle stretching such as raising one arm while crossing a leg and bending to the side is a great starting warm up. The trick is to avoid bouncing and to go slowly while continuing to move.

Most stretches when held are actually causing muscles to fire and contract. The best stretches continue to move through a range of motion.


Remember to breathe...


Walking on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike for a few minutes will help to warm up your muscles and joints. You can walk in place or walk outside as well.


Here is an example of some movement prep exercises that incorporate the whole body. Note that you can get your entire body into these exercises and that they are dynamic with weight bearing on your arms and legs. I would recommend going more slowly than the examples provided.








This exercise requires you to have good balance and the need to protect your knees and ankles. Have a good place to do this with good footwear on a stable surface. Trust me, wool socks on a hardwood floor can get dicy.





NOTE: If you have a sacroiliac joint problem, or outside leg/thigh tension and pain, the lunge is not for you. This may increase stress at the sacroiliac or SI joints and increase hip or thigh pain over time. How do you know you have an SI joint problem? Check this link out.




Gentle stretching as well as cardio can be used following any workout. Don't have a treadmill or stationary bike? Walk in place or go for a walk outside.


Questions for Jerod? You can reach him at to connect.



Total Body Workout At Home, Part 1