A common area of pain is the hip. We see this with runners and it is most commonly pain coming from one muscle, the gluteus medius. This muscle is critically important in walking and running. Trigger points are common to this muscle with a sacroiliac joint injury. Pain




Pain to the outside of the hip

Pain with putting weight on the leg

Pain and stiffness after sitting for awhile and when getting up from sitting

Difficulty getting in and out of the car


Other areas are groin pain as well as pain to the front of the thigh.


Common Signs


IT Band tension

Back pain and tension

Pain with pulling the knee to the chest

Stiffness and tension with cutting activities, planting the foot and changing direction


Exercises that you can try.



Dry needling is a very effective way to reduce hip pain. Dry needling is less painful than massage and can be more effective in a very short amount of time.



What you can try at home!



Self-massage techniques for gluteal muscle pain and tension using the edge of a book or binder. You can also use a tennis ball. This can be painful but if this is something that will help your pain will get better as you do this exercise. If you would like to schedule an appointment or have further questions you can call Cornerstone at 719-482-8683.




Place the ball or binder edge above the hip bone in the muscle knot.

Gently roll the hip outward, back and forth.

You can bend your knee and hip to change the location of pressure.

This is helping if the pain gets better while you roll your hip.


The pain should get better as you do these exercises!


What you should stop doing!


Rolling your IT Band can cause extra pain without any therapeutic benefit.




Dry Needling is less painful than massage!




Dry needling is much less painful than self-massage and even massage from a practitioner. It is also a lot more effective and very quick to do. 719-596-5000 to schedule an appointment.