Shoulder exercises for shoulder injuries Shoulder exercises for shoulder injuries

This post is to complement a therapy program. Abnormal shoulder mechanics are the common finding with each shoulder problem. As you are treated through joint manipulation to restore joint mobility, dry needling and soft tissue manipulation to reduce muscle pain and knots, these exercises are part of your home program.

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Your eyes can make you dizzy. Test for convergence insufficiency. Your eyes can make you dizzy. Test for convergence insufficiency.

Aidyn shares his story as well as his testing to help explain how our eyes can cause dizziness. Eye muscle fatigue, pain, and poor coordination can have different causes, including jaw issues and a neck problem. Aidyn had blurred vision with continued reading that caused dizziness. He felt like he was moving. Convergence testing showed limited convergence and eye drift outward of both eyes.

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Moving Past your Anxiety Moving Past your Anxiety

Anxiety affects so many of us. While it is normal to experience occasional anxiety too much anxiety needs to be addressed. Here are some things you can start and begin to move past your anxiety. Dr. Dave Rogers of Alpenglow Direct Primary Care shares his expertise.

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Meet the Board of Directors of BETTER Meet the Board of Directors of BETTER

To protect the quality of the content of cōr CONNECT and BETTER a Board of Directors was created. BETTER is a multi-disciplinary group of health care professionals dedicated to 'knocking down silos' in medicine. The goal is to share our experience as practitioners with other experienced practitioners in the different fields of medicine. Meet the Board!


GyroStim: Science or pseudoscience? GyroStim: Science or pseudoscience?

In his article in Science Based Medicine, Gyrostim and the infrastructure of Quackery, Dr. Novella, a clinical Neurologist at the Yale University School of Medicine, shares his thoughts on GyroStim, its history, and how it fits in the process of scientific medicine.

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Best stretches for your hips and core Best stretches for your hips and core

One of the best ways to get your hips and trunk to move better is to have assistance. Either holding onto something or having a therapist add support, having some contact will localize a stretch and can increase the effectiveness. Using a stick or staff provides this cuing and contact giving you more for your effort.

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Ear pain or pressure Ear pain or pressure

Chronic ear pressure, plugging and even pain can come from a Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. This condition is most common with a neck or cervical problem. Other symptoms include tinnitus or ringing, headaches, and neck pain and stiffness. Here are two people sharing their story.

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