What your teenager wants you to know about their anxiety What your teenager wants you to know about their anxiety

Your teen may not share with you their emotions on how they are feeling. Signs to look for are isolation from friends and family, slipping grades, and mood changes or irritability. These are also signs that your teenager is not getting enough sleep. There is one thing that you can start doing as a parent as well as one thing your family can do to address your teenager’s mental health. Keep reading to find out what you can do to ‘fix your teen’.

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Medication and Anxiety Medication and Anxiety

Certain medications can cause or influence anxiety. Withdrawal from medications, even anti-anxiety medications, can create increased anxiety. This post also addresses Vitamin D deficiency as a possible treatment option.

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Understanding Anxiety Understanding Anxiety

Getting a an understanding of anxiety can help us create a sense of control. With control, or a plan, this helps reduce our anxiety. Here are some simple, easy things that you can try, with some great science behind them, to reduce your anxiety.

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Why you should get your sleep checked Why you should get your sleep checked

Do you snore? Do you clench or grind your teeth? Do you suffer from headaches? Especially when you wake up? Do you have any medical conditions like high blood pressure or gastric reflux/GERD? Do you feel that you could sleep better? Are you curious about how well you are sleeping? Then keep reading…

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Asthma: Treatment and Diagnosis Asthma: Treatment and Diagnosis

How doctors diagnose and manage asthma symptoms in patients. This article expresses the physical response that leads to an asthma attack as well as some triggers to avoid.

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How to make better health choices How to make better health choices

Changes to our routine or even being currently stuck in a bad routine can create poor health choices. The three pillars of health are our food choices, physical activity and sleep. Doing these three things well will improve our health and therefore so many areas of our life. Our emotional well being and how we manage stress will improve with an improvement in any of these areas. Pick one area to focus on. Here are some tips to help.

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