Poor posture can lead to increased muscle tension and a restrictive pattern of breathing. Focusing on breathing more efficiently will reduce the continued tension that occurs on our neck, shoulders and back from breathing with an upper chest pattern.


Normal breathing allows our belly and back to expand as we breathe in.


This video looks at how we breathe.



Changing the behavior of breathing from our upper chest and shoulders to a more relaxed diaphragmatic breathe is our goal.




Upper chest breathing

Make sure your shoulders are not raising when you breathe in

Allow your back to relax and expand as you breathe in


Let's start training!


Practice breathing as frequent as you can.


Tips to help you succeed

Set a timer and then breathe 5 times into your back

Timers don't work for you? Add breathing to an established routine

Breathe at a stop light into your seat

Breathe into your back while you are reading this post





This is the first part of improving your posture. Start breathing and improve this one habit. A lot of issues can improved by relaxing and breathing.