Knee pain is most commonly at the front of the knee. There can be pain with walking and running. Here is a video on a young runner with anterior knee pain.



For more information on running and knee pain check out this link.


Diagnostic Ultrasound of the Knee


Want to know if you have fluid on the knee? Sometimes it is pretty obvious, your knee is puffy and it feels like it will give out or buckle. Clinical tests are a patellar tap test. This is where the knee cap is ‘floating’ and when you push on the knee cap it depresses and then hits the cartilage of the femur like a piano key.



How we evaluate the knee and things you can do at home!



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One way to start rehabilitating your knee is to focus on a more efficient squat. This is functional as squatting is what we do all day. Getting up and down from a chair for starters.



Dry Needling for Knee Pain


Dry needling for lateral knee pain as well as swelling can be a great starting point for reducing knee pain fast! Here is a video on dry needling the knee. After I treated my left knee with dry needling I had less pain with hiking and running an hour later. My left knee felt better than my right and it had consistently been the tight and tense knee.