Dry Needling and Pregnancy. Is It Safe?

Dry needling can be a safe way to quickly reduce hip and back pain during your pregnancy as Katie discovered.

“Being 6 months pregnant has caused me to have such bad back pain that I was limited to only walking as little as necessary and even then the pain was bringing me to tears. I tried prenatal yoga, adjustments and several prenatal massages all of which seemed to aggravate the problem. A friend recommended that I try dry needling and after consulting with my OBGYN (who said that it was perfectly safe to do while pregnant) I proceeded with the needling therapy. Not only am I able to walk without limping and severe pain I’m also back to taking the stairs instead of the elevator, more energetic, sleeping better and most of all the crippling pain has been alleviated.”

Pelvic pain, when it starts early in your pregnancy, can get worse over time as your core becomes less effective in its ability to protect. This is usually because of a prior injury that was not causing an issue before but throughout each trimester the strain on the pelvis and back increases. This can lead to difficulty walking and even pain with sitting. A common muscle that develops trigger points is the gluteus medius. This is a muscle that is important during walking taking all the weight of the body to stabilize and level the pelvis. It is also considered a pelvic joint stabilizer of the sacroiliac joints. Treating this muscle through dry needling is not only safe but also a very effective way in reducing pain and increasing strength as the trigger points reduce.

As always during pregnancy your OBGYN physician is your best resource of information.​