Prior to your visit at Cornerstone or before your evaluation we ask that you answer some questions about your problem. Your medical history is important and helps your Doctor determine what testing needs to be done. Is your problem complex? Or is it localized to the shoulder? When you sit down with your Physical Therapist face to face further questions will be asked to get the best sense of your problem and your individual needs


The most important thing for us to know is what your goals are for your shoulder.


What is your shoulder goal?








A hands on, clinical exam is done with your Physical Therapist to check your shoulder, upper back and neck. Specific testing to assess for muscle trigger points, abnormal shoulder mechanics, and loss of shoulder complex joint motion is determined.

A shoulder diagnostic ultrasound may be determined to be necessary by your Physical Therapist.








A diagnostic ultrasound of the shoulder may be determined to be necessary to 'see inside' the shoulder and check to see if there is damage to the rotator cuff, tendons, or inflammation and swelling. This test is as sensitive as an MRI and is used at Cornerstone as a great screening tool to determine the integrity of the shoulder joint. This helps us decide what direction to take in treatment of your shoulder pain. This imaging also gives you peace of mind about your shoulder and what can be done.








Based on our findings of your evaluation and imaging we can make the determination of what is the best course of treatment for you. Your Physical Therapist will discuss your treatment options and how best to proceed.


We want to answer 3 questions.


What is the underlying problem and cause for your shoulder pain?

What is the recommended course of treatment?

What can you start doing?


Treatment is not passive. You are an integral part of your healing process. There are home exercises and changes to your activity that will be recommended. The more you engage with Cornerstone the faster you will get better!


"You are an integral part of your healing process."






Cornerstone will send you information via text for 'check ups' as well as information about your shoulder problem and what exercises you need to be working on.

We will send quick surveys to check on your progress and if your goal is being met.

We want to protect your health information so the questions will be specific to how you are doing and if we need to have a conversation or a quicker follow up to help you progress as quickly as possible we can schedule a follow up.


This is a partnership and our goal is to see you achieve your goal.


Our contact information is 719-596-5000, text 719-249-5850, and email