An Integrated Life An Integrated Life

I heard this recently from a friend. My wife and I were living an integrated life. His perspective was that when your passion for your personal life and family equaled the passion for the work that you did both would elevate the other. The workforce is changing. How can we make small conscious decisions that move us to a integrated lifestyle that encompasses our personal, professional, community and church, and our social life and hobbies? Rob Gandley shares some thoughts on what steps we can take.

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How can we make better health choices right now How can we make better health choices right now

Choices…. until quarantine, our choices ran limitless when it came to exercise or nutrition. We have always had a choice of where to go exercise, what to eat for a snack, how to get our heart rate up, and who to bring along for the fun. But, with the year 2020 and the emergence of the Covid-19, our “normal” choices have come to a screeching halt. Now, making wrong choices, which include eating from stress or boredom or simply choosing to do nothing, have become the norm. What are some things we can do right now to bring about a change?

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Find your ONE Thing and create a NOT To Do List Find your ONE Thing and create a NOT To Do List

What is the one thing I am good at and should focus on so that my business benefits from this focused attention? What should I stop doing? What is preventing me from focusing on my ONE Thing? These are some great questions to think on to put the best use of my energy and time. Two books to check out; The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Free To Focus by Michael Hyatt.

Got neck pain? What to look for and what you can do Got neck pain? What to look for and what you can do

Chronic neck pain is different than a neck injury that gets better fast. Neck pain can make it difficult to sleep. You may have tried different pillows to reduce your neck pain. Your neck pain continues after trying different treatments, like chiropractic manipulation and physical therapy exercises. This post helps us understand where neck pain comes from and some tips on how to get the most effective treatment as well as some things you can try at home.

Understanding Anxiety and Depression Understanding Anxiety and Depression

When we are anxious we feel helpless. When we are depressed we feel hopeless. Dr. Chris Phillips shares an important idea with us about identifying fact from feeling or emotion. We may think that "I am the sum of my thoughts", but that is not true when we look at the facts of our situation. "The emotion does not necessarily have evidence that something is as difficult as it might be." Taking the time to sort out what we are feeling in the context of what is happening can give us hope when dealing with feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

Ear pain or pressure Ear pain or pressure

Chronic ear pressure, plugging and even pain can come from a Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. This condition is most common with a neck or cervical problem. Other symptoms include tinnitus or ringing, headaches, and neck pain and stiffness. Here are two people sharing their story.

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