Ask Better Questions. Improve your care and your business. Ask Better Questions. Improve your care and your business.

If we do not take the time to ask the right questions we will not get the right answers. Asking questions forces us to listen, to our clients and our team. You can reduce the risk in business, create better solutions by more effectively identifying the problem, and improve your business relationships by asking better questions. Here are some ideas to help you do just that.


Assessing and Treating Swelling in Runner's Knee Assessing and Treating Swelling in Runner's Knee

'Runner's knee' has different causes as well as different pain generators. A clinical finding that is common is a positive patellar tap test that is consistent with fluid on the knee or swelling. Chronic fluid or swelling of the knee is damaging to cartilage over time but also indicates that there is a structural or mechanical problem, basically an in-efficiency of knee mobility during running. Using diagnostic ultrasound that connects with our iPhone we can evaluate for swelling and guide our treatment with this great imaging tool.


How to pick your medical team How to pick your medical team

To do life you need a team, and when it comes to your health we need a medical team. We already have some of our members. Our longstanding chiropractor, our family physician, our personal trainer at our local gym. When we have an issue that is more complex our medical team becomes more important. In a world where information is much more accessible why is communication harder? Here are some things to look for when picking our medical team. Doing this well can save you time, money and hopefully prevent bigger problems later.

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The Power of Habit The Power of Habit

Getting our patients to follow through with a home program can be frustrating and difficult. The frustration is shared, for us and for our patients. How can we improve our success rate with our clients and also for ourselves as we try to get BETTER?